SAP System Analysis

From transaction data extraction to detailed understanding of how to improve SAP utilization and reduce costs

The only way companies can prevent maintenance, upgrading and optimization costs spiraling out of control is with detailed knowledge of the actual business processes and SAP usage. Our SAP System Analysis enables you to analyse transaction-related data in your SAP system mapped on the SAP reference process models which can be used for:

  • First step towards Business Process Management and Performance Improvement (process harmonization and standardization, retention of process and system design knowledge)
  • Accelerating preparation for an upcoming SAP/4HANA migration or upgrade and/or implementation or the build of a SAP template;
  • Segregation of duties analysis that can assist to optimize role profiles and reduce support costs
  • SAP license analysis that provides detailed license use and can identify reclassification and reduction potential to lower license maintenance costs

System Analysis for SAP provides an enhanced and enriched environment for process design, business process optimization as well as process-based configuration of SAP systems and can be synchronized with the SAP Solution Manager.

The detailed insights delivered by System Analysis will assist to identify SAP use enhancement potential, reduce business risk, identify SAP support cost reduction opportunities and provide the basis for negotiating improved license classification terms with SAP.

Do you have detailed knowledge of the actual business processes and SAP usage in your company?

Our System Analysis for SAP solution will enable you to analyse transaction related data in your SAP system. This consists of four phases beginning with SAP data extraction followed by the data analyses, generation of business process models, delivery of detailed reports and presentation of the results.

Our System Analysis for SAP solution is the ideal solution to minimize your expenditure on process-oriented documentation and reduce time consuming reviews of your SAP systems, whilst identifying important key performance indicators for optimization of your business processes and SAP systems.

Our System Analysis solution can provide the answers to the following questions:

  1. I need to know what is currently running in SAP and how?
  2. How do I have visibility of SAP, legacy and manual steps?
  3. How can I fast track to SAP Solution Manager to see my business blueprint?
  4. How can I reduce the running costs of my SAP infrastructure?
  5. Is our SAP landscape fit for compliance?
  6. Which processes and transactions are implemented but not used; and how much customizing does my system have which are not used?
  7. How can I consolidate my SAP Instances?
  8. How can I simplify testing?
  9. How can my company be ready for S/4 HANA?

Business Benefits:

  • Low demand on customer resources
  • Fixed duration and price solution with clear deliverable
  • Rapid update of As-Used SAP business process documentation
  • Clear visualization of SAP footprint and business processes for enhanced improvement insight
  • License analysis will identify maintenance cost savings opportunities by realignment and corrected classification of license use
  • Reduce SAP Maintenance costs by alignment and update of role profiles through Segregation of Duties analysis
  • Simplify and reduce cost of upgrade by deleting redundant custom transactions and reports
  • SAP system comparisons to highlight differences and streamline template building and SAP consolidation processes
  • Automated S/4HANA As-Is and To-Be process documentation generation
  • Re-use of System Analysis results for migration and upgrade projects, testing and training
  • Synchronization with SAP Solution Manager, forming the basis for BPM and SAP-related upgrade projects

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