What is Process Excellence?

A plethora of different methodologies have been adopted by companies in the last few decades to improve the quality and efficiency of their output. All of these methodologies such as Total Quality Management, Business Process Reengineering, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Business Performance Improvement, etc. have one thing in common - a focus on process. We define a process as an activity through which something, whether it be tangible or intangible, is transformed into something else.

Process Excellence, we at ValueMetrics believe, is at its most fundamental level, not about a methodology, it is about improving the way that businesses create and deliver value to their customers. As experienced process professionals we know that it Is not just about changing processes, but ultimately trying to change the way that people within a company work and behave. That's why we believe that Process Excellence is about so much more than process improvement techniques. It's about learning to solve problems and manage change, performance, and workplace culture to align with overall business strategies.

We think, Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs’ words are as applicable about the challenges that organizations face today. The more dots you have to connect, whether they be technological trends or information about different disciplines, the more likely you'll be able to come up with an unusual or unexpected solution to a business challenge. At ValueMetrics we believe that no matter which process methodologies you practice, the underlying aim is the same: improving business performance.

Process Excellence from ValueMetrics

ValueMetrics’ Process Excellence Solutions consist of Process Mining and Predictive Simulation.

Process Mining

Predictive Simulation

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