Demand Planning Solutions from ValueMetrics

Maintain Demand Forecasts for Your Business

Our Demand Planning Solution is a state-of-the-art advanced demand planning application, designed to maintain an accurate demand forecast within your business. This is combined with our structured support services for Inventory Optimisation and Supply Chain Management.

Rapid and Effective Decision-making

The solution is designed to give your demand planners an early and accurate view of future sales plans through a collaboration hub, booked orders and demand forecasts, enabling rapid and effective decision-making.

It uses multi-level forecasting techniques that dynamically calculate seasonality and trends, intelligently selecting the right algorithm for each product level and aggregating or disaggregating the results up or down the product, geographical and / or channel hierarchy.

Achieve Increased Customer Service Levels

Our Demand Planning Solution constantly reacts to changes in supply and demand.  Helping your supply chain planning personnel to achieve increased customer service levels.  By enabling you to plan, monitor and respond quickly to demand and supply fluctuations, the Demand Planning Solution will help supply chain planning personnel to achieve increased customer service levels through enhanced inventory management.

Multiplatform Integration Across Extended Supply Chain

Linking directly to your business systems and those of your suppliers and customers, the unique architecture supports the continuous flow of information from multiple ERP systems across many sites to optimise the value of existing infrastructure and data.

We design and implement Demand Planning Solutions that are focussed on delivering optimised inventory holding and increased customer service levels.

The benefits of a ValueMetrics Demand Planning Solution are:

  • Customers and suppliers receive proactive alerts and updates to existing plan
  • Share data across multiple disparate systems and locations from your browser
  • Review options with colleagues and suppliers
  • See outcomes in seconds with automatically recalculated results
  • Rank and align decisions with goals in real-time using live scorecards

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