Inventory Optimisation

ValueMetrics Inventory Optimisation Solutions

State-of-the-Art Inventory Optimisation Software to ensure that you have the right stock in the right place at the right time.

We combine our expertise with world class software to  help companies to determine their optimal levels of inventory, which can lead to  inventory reductions of between 15-50%

Working with our software partners we supply inventory optimisation solutions that help companies to build an inventory model of their business that takes into account the unique supply and demand characteristics of their supply chain.

Sophisticated inventory tools, designed to achieve the maximum improvement to supply chains in the shortest possible time.

Inventory Optimisation SolutionsBased upon demand forecasts, customer orders, supplier lead times, user defined replenishment rules, current stock levels and the existing order pipeline, we provide inventory solutions that will calculate the ideal levels of safety stock for every line item at every level in the supply chain.

This solution interfaces with in-house Host or ERP systems

Customers experience significant Inventory Reduction along with a sustainable Service Level improvement

Our Inventory Optimisation solutions are flexible, simple to use, easy to understand, and cover the key elements of Inventory Management:

  1. Supplier and Lead Time Management
  2. Stock Profiling and Classification
  3. Forecast and Demand Planning
  4. Inventory Modelling and Strategic Planning
  5. Replenishment and Distribution
  6. Key Performance and Process Monitoring

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