Internal Benchmarking

A ValueMetrics bespoke Internal Benchmarking solution uses lookalikes that compare and evaluate key drivers of performance amongst multi-unit enterprises

What are the Benefits of Internal Benchmarking?

Our bespoke Internal Benchmarking solutions use lookalikes that compare and evaluate key drivers of performance amongst multi-unit enterprises, which exponentially improve results in areas such as profitability, return on investment, new product launches, promotions, etc. It also allows you to look at “What If” scenarios and enables organisations to have a single view of their network.

What could a ValueMetrics Internal Benchmarking solution do for you?

Many companies who apply Internal Best Practice principals find it difficult to replicate this across their network. A ValueMetrics Internal Benchmarking solution is part of our suite of Performance Management solutions, and is designed to ensure that you have access to all the information you need to  improve the performance of your multi-unit sites.

Gain a Real Perspective of your Performance Improvement Potential

At ValueMetrics we combine state-of-the art technology with our expertise to design Internal Benchmarking solutions that will give you a real insight and perspective of the performance improvement possibilities of your multi-unit business.

Whether you need to manage and measure your branches, retail outlets, franchises, dealerships, a ValueMetrics Internal Benchmarking solution will help you to take control of your business performance, by enabling you to identify the key drivers that will lead to potential performance improvements.

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