Transport Planning and Fleet Optimisation

Your transport management system should be as encompassing as the supply chain you manage.

Dynamic, multi-day planning, scheduling and controlling across both primary and secondary distribution environments is essential for an optimal system. Many factors need to be taken into account for modelling complex transport operations, including shift-changes, external contractors, loading bays, variable stop times based on loading and offloading profiles and more.
Interaction with external systems, integration with multiple tracking and GPS service providers and precise control needs to be implemented. Execution ensure that, from start to finish, you have the ability to take control of the process.

  •  Planning is automated: The system will automatically generate a schedule with your jobs, vehicles, constraints and models taken into account.
  • Customisable: Determine the best days and frequency to service a set of customers.
  • Integrated distribution models: Seamlessly plan and control both primary and secondary distribution in the same workflow for increased efficiency.
  • Connect with your clients: Online portals allow your staff and client base to contract, bid, review and access information via the internet.
  • Compatible with industry standard systems:  connect and interact with almost all available ERP and tracking systems*.

Unique capabilities:

  • When your schedule is threatened Dynamic Scheduling: by an unexpected event, the system can re-optimise the current schedule with a click of a button.
  •  Visually Planned Versus Actual Route Comparison: overlay the actual route being performed with the planned using incoming GPS data.
  •  Your schedule has never been this Detailed Time Usage: accurate – in addition to Fatigue Rules and shifts,  model load and off-load times down to a unit level for products, vehicle classes, client sites and load bays.
  • Set up the system to trigger actions and Event Triggers: communications with external systems when certain statuses and limits are reached.
  • A variety of graphs, charts and report tools for external presentation of scenarios. Data can also be exported for manual manipulation in popular programs such as Microsoft Excel.
  • The geocoding module allows users to  edit and place new clients on the map network. A built-in Street Search helps users find unknown locations quickly and efficiently.
  • The Execution Management module allows controllers to manage planned schedules while tracking against actual GPS data.
  • The system allows you to re-schedule on the fly to deal with updated bookings and captured times

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