SAP Redocumentation

SAP Redocumentation Solution

Prevent your Maintenance costs from Spiraling and Improve your SAP Landscape with a ValueMetrics Redocumentation solution

A ValueMetrics Redocumentation solution prevents maintenance and costs spiralling out of control.  Gain transparency and knowledge of your SAP usage and processes in weeks. Our Re documentation solution offers clear business benefits.

We can provide  a solution that enables you to analyse the SAP landscape as it is and provide process analysis for improvement potential and increased compliance.

Clear Business Benefits from our SAP Redocumentation Solution

  • Low demand on customer resources
  • Fixed duration and price with clear deliverables
  • Strong SAP control methodology
  • Rapid update of SAP business process documentation
  • Clear visualisation of business processes for enhanced improvement insight
  • Minimise time consuming reviews of your SAP system
  • Reduce your expenditure on process orientated documentation
  • Decision support for upgrades, migrations and process harmonisation
  • Streamline your SAP by identifying redundant process steps and transactions
  • Reuse of Redocumentation results for migration and upgrade projects, testing and training
  • Can be synchronised with SAP Solution Manager

Our SAP Redocumentation solution is an efficient and effective way to get the best out of your SAP investment and involves:


  • Extracting your SAP transaction data
  • Analysing the extracted data
  • Modelling your data with ARIS using SAP reference process models
  • Delivering initial result reports for enrichment with any additional user information e.g reviewing end-to-end process models
  • Crosschecking and presenting final result report with you based on solid SAP know how
  • Synchronising your process models with SAP Solution Manager (optional)


What Can I expect from a SAP Redocumentation Solution?

As part of our SAP Optimisation offering, a SAP Redocumentation solution will help you to understand your transaction usage and process models and how they relate to industry best-practice. You will be able to identify your standard and custom transactions including those not accessed and establish how to fulfill compliance rules including associated segregation of duties.

Potential improvement opportunities will be identifiable and you will be able to determine how information is extracted in and across your SAP systems.

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