SAP Optimisation

Why SAP Optimisation?

The implementation of functionally rich software suites such as SAP can be an arduous and costly activity. In following the standard ASAP implementation approach there is frequently disconnect between the business expectation of desired outcomes and the SAP solution design activity. This can lead to an implemented solution that is sub-optimal in terms of potential return on the SAP investment and results in stakeholder and user discontent.

An SAP Optimisation project can address all these issues, and will  help you to get the best out of your SAP solution and the greatest return on your  investment.

Significantly Impacting on the Cost Efficiency of your SAP Solution

In the fast moving world of the 21st Century, the business model that was initially used for SAP configuration may no longer be appropriate to support the current business challenges adequately and it is critical to recognise these deficiencies and their solution in a timely manner.

Additionally, the ability to recognise those elements of the software which are not particularly utilised could result in savings of licence costs and simplify and reduce the cost of future upgrades. There is typically a very large amount of redundant configuration, customised transactions and reports and enhancements that can be removed from the solution template that could significantly improve cost efficiency.

Helping to improve the return on your SAP Investment

With our long and established background in SAP implementation consulting, ValueMetrics is ideally placed to help you assess your SAP solution landscape and help to improve your ROI. Using a number of tried & tested tools and techniques backed with our detailed knowledge of SAP functionality, we can quickly establish where functionality is not being fully utilised or where data disconnects occur.

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Redocumentation for SAP

An important part of SAP Optimisation requires an updated Redocumentation exercise to be successfully completed.  Our Redocumentation for SAP solution helps prevent maintenance, updating and optimisation costs spiralling out of control by providing organisations with detailed knowledge of their actual business processes and SAP usage.

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