Supply Chain Health Check

Supply Chain Health Check

A ValueMetrics Supply Chain Health Check is the first step towards identifying areas of cost reduction and service level improvement within your supply chain

Who needs a Supply Chain Health Check?

Supply Chain Health CheckA ValueMetrics Supply Chain Health Check offers companies an invaluable opportunity to quantitatively determine how well their supply chain operations are performing.

Our Supply Chain Health Check can be tailored to meet our individual clients needs. We can perform an extensive assessment covering all aspects of the Supply Chain (including key suppliers), or a more targeted project aimed at a specific function or department.

Key areas covered by our Supply Chain Health Check:

  • The optimal level of inventory for desired stock availability targets
  • Business benefits for identified improvements such as potential inventory reduction, additional sales revenue and reduced operational costs.
  • Revised strategies for demand planning, inventory planning, demand fulfilment and other key business processes
  • Disconnects within the business processes and their resolution
  • Identification of missing data, data anomalies and general IT issues

How the Supply Chain Health Check works:


  • We identify the quality of your existing processes, support functions and tools
  • An extraction of data from your system which is imported into our modelling engine
  • An analysis of the performance of the key processes employed within your Supply Chain
  • Exploration into the issues identified within the Supply Chain
  • Development of future working practices and policies
  • Generation of business case to highlight benefits to the business


A ValueMetrics Supply Chain Health Check is the first step towards improving the health of your supply chain.

Please click on the image below to view an example of a Supply Chain Health Check:

Supply Chain Health Check






All recommendations resulting from a Supply Chain Health Check are based on factual information and are designed to address the causes of the issues as opposed to the symptoms.

To find out more about a ValueMetrics Supply Chain Health Check please call our UK or South Africa offices:

South African Team:+27 (0) 12 743 6630

UK Team: +44 (0)121 318 5667

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