Rapid Metrics Management Identification Project



A Rapid Metrics Management Identification project empowers businesses of all sizes to gain an invaluable insight to their business improvement potential



What is a Rapid Metrics Management Identification project?

A ValueMetrics Rapid Metrics Management Identification Project is designed to give organisations an invaluable insight to the major benefits of integrating a Rapid Metrics Management solution into their overall performance strategy.

Which type of organisations benefit from Rapid Metric Management project?

A ValueMetrics Rapid Metrics Management Identification project will be of benefit to organisations of all sizes. Whether you are  a single business unit, a series of business units rolled up to an executive layer, or a holding company with diversified business units there is no better to experience the business potential of our Rapid Metrics Management solution.

What does a Rapid Metrics Management project involve?


  • Strategic business model alignment workshop (1-2 days)
  • Metrics audit of current metrics, reviewing suitability, applicability of current choices and delivery mechanism. Recommendation of full set of metrics required to optimise performance. Develop gap analysis to provide management a journey map to close the gap between current and recommended metrics.
  • The Scorecard will be compiled in a full desktop version using the latest BI technology, and client data will be utilised where possible. Mock-up data will be inserted where needed to enrich the prototype experience. (15days)


Key Benefits:


  • Strategy originated or refreshed using the latest strategy tools
  • Metrics include where you wish the business to be rather than where it is now
  • Confidence in decision making is vastly enhanced in the knowledge that you are using the correct metrics
  • Correctly clustered metrics sets are designed, ensuring various role owners have a basis for understanding their “must have” metrics
  • A prototype Scorecard with the selected metrics ensures a blueprint for further development and value for money is locked in given the rapid development time and commensurate cost


More about Metrics Management

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