Performance Dashboards versus Excel Spreadsheets

Why choose our Performance Dashboards over Excel Spreadsheets?

Many organisations use excel spreadsheets to capture copious amounts of historical data to help them monitor how well their business is performing.  Unfortunately this will not assist them in measuring their business performance or help them to improve their operational efficiencies.

The table below illustrates the fundamental differences between Excel Spreadsheets and a ValueMetrics Performance Dashboard and clearly demonstrates the impact that Performance Management dashboard technology can have on the business improvement potential of an organisation.

Performance Dashboards designed to put you in control

A ValueMetrics Performance Dashboard is a simple to use, fully interactive live Performance Dashboard capable of extracting data at source and presenting this information in an easy to understand and meaningful way.

Enjoy visibility and control of your key business performance metrics

Through our interactive performance dashboards and balanced scorecards we help organisations to intuitively visualise and translate their performance reports and data. This gives a real perspective of their business and supply chain operational performance, empowering them to address performance failures or inaccuracies before they can impact on their business.

Before the implementation of performance dashboards or balanced scorecards, we can assist with defining and developing an organisations Key Performance Indicators through our KPI Management strategy, ensuring that they are fully supportive of their overall orgnaisational strategy.

Clearly defined KPI’s will focus attention, improve decision making and execution, direct people’s behaviour and promote understanding and consistency, resulting in a collaborative approach towards driving value and success in an organisation.

Improving the efficiency and profitability of your organisation

By investing in our solutions, organisations can anticipate an early return on their investment achieved through measurable improvements.

Can I see a ValueMetrics Performance Dashboard in action?

Booking a no obligation online presentation could not be simpler – call us or select our book a demo option at the top of the page and we will arrange everything for you.  In the mean time have a look at our Performance Dashboard and Scorecard page for further information on why Performance Dashboards and Scorecards are such a huge success.

To view an example of our Dashboards and Scorecards please follow the links below

Example of a Performance Dashboard

Example of an Interactive Scorecard