Board and Executive Reporting and Internal and External Benchmarking

Board and Executive Reporting from ValueMetrics

Board and Executive Committee Facilitation and reporting is a speciality area of performance management and is something that is trending in importance on an annual basis. Based on our experience and expertise we can help you design and develop fully comprehensive Board and Executive reporting.  An example of an enterprise structure detailing scorecard nodes is shown as follows:

Internal and External Benchmarking from ValueMetrics

This is a breakthrough technique used by ValueMetrics to compare and contrast key drivers of performance amongst multi-unit enterprises (including branches, offices, franchises and dealers), exponentially improving key result areas such as profitability and return on investment.  Results to date have been very significant, allowing organisations to have a single view of their network, our differentiator being significantly more sophisticated and accurate than our competitors who deliver this requirement with high inaccuracies and substantial cost.