OEE Systems

Achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence in your manufacturing processes with ValueMetrics world class OEE systems

OEE systems designed to improve operational performance

At ValueMetrics we combine our wealth of consulting experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing software to deliver cutting edge OEE Systems designed to improve the productivity of your manufacturing operations.

Our world class OEE solutions can be integrated to existing production control systems, and are fully supportive of lean manufacturing principles and lean manufacturing tools.

Cost Effective Automated Data Capture Systems

Our OEE systems provide manufacturing companies with a cost effective automated data capture systems for the main OEE components: Performance, Availability and Quality, delivering the vital information needed to enhance manufacturing information systems.

Greater visibility of real time unplanned downtime data across all management levels ensures that personnel are able to react swiftly to take the necessary corrective action to address issues. This automation of unplanned downtime and reasons gives manufacturing companies the scope to improve the efficiency of their operations whilst at the same time releasing personnel to focus on the production process.

OEE Data and Interactive Dashboards

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) ExampleOur OEE data collection system transforms OEE data into an interactive Performance Dashboard.

This visibility allows personnel to accurately measure their OEE performance and to quickly and easily identify specific proactive interventions that will improve their Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

What can a ValueMetrics OEE system do for you?

  • Reduce down times
  • Increase output
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality of production process
  • Accurate and Reliable Data
  • Firm foundation ¬†for supporting continuous improvement
  • Releasing Operators to focus on the production process
  • Self-funding within 12 mths of investment

What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

More about OEE Systems

Onsite OEE Assessment

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