Metrics Management

The successful management of any business depends on effective and reliable measurement techniques that are designed to drive the business forward…

Are your Business Metrics driving your business forward?

Critically, organisations need to understand if their current metrics are equipping them for future scenarios and if they are measuring the success that management strives for to drive the business forward.

To achieve and retain their competitive advantage most organisations invest heavily in Business Intelligence. However, without a metric foundation aligned to the organisational strategic intent, the investment in downstream technology can be ineffective in helping them to achieve their Strategic Objectives.

Metrics Management consulting

As a team of Performance Management specialists, ValueMetrics Consulting has extensive experience in the metrics management arena. As a consultancy it operates across a range of industries and has been commissioned globally to consult in a variety of scorecard and balanced scorecard projects of differing complexities and organisational sizes.

Rapid Metrics management

The main problem associated with any scorecard or balanced scorecard assignment is the length of time it takes to complete. The onerous costs involved in such lengthy projects can also be seen as prohibitive to any organisation

At ValueMetrics Consulting we know that by working with the right people in an organisation and adopting a rapid metrics management approach that we can dramatically reduce the time required to perform a scorecard or balanced scorecard exercise, often to a matter of only weeks.

Scorecard enabled capability

This knowledge has led us to develop a proprietary application with master and meta data of metrics, knowledge, industry experience and client vertical know-how. The application provides organisations with scorecard-enabled capability, ensuring that when the business intelligence phase of corporate performance management is required, an appropriate metrics and Scorecard look and feel is already in place.  (Clients can therefore walk back from the future to determine accurate requirements for a connected solution.)

A ValueMetrics rapid metrics management identification project is designed to demonstrate to organisations the key benefits that this solution can bring to their overall Performance Strategy.

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