Operational Excellence

We combine many years experience in Performance Management consulting with Ground Breaking Technology to deliver a range of solutions designed to help our customers achieve Operational Excellence

Gain invaluable insight to your Business through Effective Measurement

The successful management of any company relies on effective measurement techniques to inform management about progress towards achieving its objectives.

Through our Rapid Metrics Management Identification solution we help businesses to align strategy and operational execution and gain an invaluable insight into areas of the business that require attention before any performance failure occurs, using performance indicators, alerts, alarms and trip wires.

Internal Benchmarking Solutions

Driving your Business Forward

Our Internal Benchmarking solutions use lookalikes to compare the key drivers of performance across multi-unit sites and our Internal Benchmarking solution for Process Industries utilizes Time In State™ analytics from IMS Solutions to deliver a revolutionary approach to the whole area of plant production performance improvement.

Improving Productivity

Our OEE Systems deliver a cutting edge solution that helps businesses to improve their productivity in manufacturing operations. A ValueMetrics Interactive Dashboard or Balanced Scorecard will give them a clear perspective on how well their business is performing, enabling them to understand the root cause of any performance failures and assist in deciding upon corrective actions to ensure improved business outcomes in future performance.

Accurate Demand Forecasts that lead to Effective Decision Making

Our Demand Planning solution is designed to assist key decision makers to deliver demand forecasts which lead to optimal forecast accuracy that supports effective supply and inventory planning. In addition our state-of-the art Inventory Optimization software will ensure that they always hold the right stock in the right place at the right time.